Physical and Financial Progress Report(Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Limited)

Sl.No.Name Of the WorkDistrictAmount of Administrative Approval(In Rs.)Date Of Start/CompletionExpenditure Till March 2016(In Rs.)Expenditure in 2016-17(In Rs.)Cumulative Expenditure till date (2016-17)(In Rs.)Physical Progress In %
1 Supply and Planting of Digha Maldah Mango and Patli Tree in Gov. Resi Building PatnaID:(7152) Patna Ref No.:2380Amount.: 635247Dated.:26-Jul-2017 / 0.00 40650.00 40650.00 100
2 Fire Fighting Alarm, wet Riser, Yard Hydrant and Sprinkler System at BSBCCL.ID:(7240) Patna Ref No.:2553Amount.: 4556.99Dated.:08-May-2014 09-Sep-2015/ 09-Jan-2016 0.00 0.00 0.00

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