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Sl. Date Subject
1 04/01/2019 Request For Proposal (RFP) - ( Preparation of the DPR (Detailed Project Report) for Proposed Building of Museum at Telhara,District-Nalanda,Bihar.) RFP No.-129/2018-19
2 11/12/2018 EOI-(NIT / EOI-121 / 2018-19). RFP is invited for the selection of consultant for the preparation of DPR(Detailed project report) 1.Development in new constructed building of archaeological site "chiraand" in Bihar at saran district to be displayed into numerous stages of prehistoric culture 2.Development and conservation of "chiraand" archaeological site
3 11/12/2018 Expression Of Interest (EOI) proposed "virihad ashray grih" situated at 12 places in bihar .Consultant who will participate need to prepare design of "virihad ashray grih" at buxar(Bihar) in particular.(NIT / EOI-120 / 2018-19).
4 10/12/2018 Expression Of Interest (EOI) For CANTEEN at BSBCCL (NIT/EOI-111/2018-19)
5 08/11/2018 Expression Of Interest (EOI) For the selection of the consultant for the preparation of the DPR(Detailed Project Report) for Developmnt of Permanent Structure of Farmers Training and Exhibition Center at Historical Sonepur Agriculture Festival Zone at Sonepur District:-Saran(Bihar) (NIT/EOI-104/2018-19).
6 05/11/2018 Expression Of Interest (EOI) For CANTEEN at BSBCCL (NIT/EOI-102/2018-19)
7 05/11/2018 Re Quotation Invitation Notification Number-103/2018-19 (HouseKeeping Services) Providing Housekeeping equipments and best quality manpower for 1. Adhivesahan bhawan , Infront of sinchai bhawan , harding road patna 2. Maulana Majaharul Haque Auditorium , harding road patna and 3. BSBCCL HQ building patna
8 05/11/2018 Request For Proposal (RFP) - Proposed Model design concept for development of renowned Scholar Ayachi mishra dham and chaminiya pond ,situated at sarisav pahi gram , Block -pundaul ,District -Madhubani , Bihar . NIT No.-101/2018-19
9 01/11/2018 Rev. of E Quotation Invitation Notification number -9 1 / 2018-2019, whose P.R  number is 9035 (Ni. Ni. ), Is cancelled due to the inevitable reason.
10 09/10/2018 Expression Of Interest (EOI) For Impanelment of Travel Vechicle Agency (NIT/EOI-93/2018-19)
11 24/09/2018 Request For Proposal (RFP) - (Selection of the consultant for the preparation of the DPR (Detailed Project Report) for (i) Development in new constructed building of Archeological Site "Chirand " in Bihar at Saran District to be displayed into numerous stages of prehistoric Culture. (ii) Devlopment and Conservation of "Chirand" Archeological Site.NIT No.-81/2018-19
12 24/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-91/2018-19 (HouseKeeping Services)
13 19/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-90/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
14 17/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-89/2018-19 (For Furniture Work)
15 17/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-88/2018-19
16 17/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-78/2018-19
17 17/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-77/2018-19 (For Furniture Work)
18 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-87/2018-19
19 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-86/2018-19
20 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-85/2018-19
21 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-84/2018-19
22 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-83/2018-19
23 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-82/2018-19
24 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-80/2018-19
25 17/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-76/2018-19
26 03/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-70/2018-19
27 03/09/2018 e-Tender Information Number-62/2018-19
28 06/09/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-75/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
29 05/09/2018 Request For Proposal (RFP) - (Selection of the consultant for the preparation of the DPR (Detailed Project Report) for the up-gradation of various SC&ST residential schools to be converted from existing 560 capacities to 720 capacities (Co-Ed) situated at sixteen places in Bihar.) NIT No.-79/2018-19
30 04/09/2018 Expression Of Interest For Selection Of Firm For The Concurrent Audit of BSBCCL
31 31/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-74/2018-19 (For Furniture Work)
32 31/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-73/2018-19 (For Civil and P.H. Work)
33 30/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-72/2018-19 (For Plants and Other Work)
34 30/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-68/2018-19 (For Furniture Work)
35 28/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-65/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
36 28/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-67/2018-19 (For P.H.E. Work)
37 28/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-66/2018-19 (For Furniture Work)
38 28/08/2018 Request For Proposal (RFP) - (Works of renowned philosopher scholar Ayyachi Mishra Dham and Chamanis pond situated in Sarasb Pahi Village of Pandaul block of Madhubani district) NIT No.-64/2018-19
39 28/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-61/2018-19 (For Civil and Electrical Work)
40 24/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-59/2018-19 (For Electrical work)
41 24/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-60/2018-19 (For Furniture work)
42 20/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-58/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
43 20/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-57/2018-19 (For Civil Work)
44 14/08/2018 Cancelled e-Tender invitation number - 25/ 2018-19
45 14/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-56/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
46 14/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-55/2018-19 (For Civil Work)
47 13/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-52/2018-19 (For Furniture work of Mithila ChitraKala Sansthan)
48 13/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-51/2018-19 (For Electrical & Fire Fighting Work of Mithila ChitraKala Sansthan )
49 13/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-50/2018-19 (For Electrical & Fierfighting Work of Mithila ChitraKala Sansthan )
50 11/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-53/2018-19 (For Gym Equipment )
51 09/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-49/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
52 09/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-48/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
53 09/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-47/2018-19 (For Civil Work)
54 09/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-46/2018-19 (For Civil Work)
55 08/08/2018 Cancelled e-Tender invitation number - 19/ 2018-19
56 02/08/2018 Request For Proposal (RFP) - Proposed Construction/Repair/Renovation work of Bazar Samiti's (dissolved) situated at Six (06) place in Bihar such as 1)Musallahpur(Patna),2)Gulabbag(Purnia),3)Kisanganj, 4)Thakurganj (Kisanganj), 5) Sandha (Saran),6)Mathurapur(Samastipur) NIT No.-32/2018-19
57 02/08/2018 Request For Proposal (RFP) - Proposed Building of Lakhisarai Museum at Lakhisarai (Bihar) NIT No.-31/2018-19
58 01/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-34/2018-19 (For Furniture Work)
59 01/08/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-33/2018-19 (For Electrical Work)
60 30/07/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-30/2018-19 (Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of CT Operated LT Energy Meter & MNRE)
61 30/07/2018 Quotation Invitation Notification Number-29/2018-2019(Lab Table, Medium Back Chair, Office Table, High Back Chair, Visitor Chair, Three Stainless Steel Chair, Steel Almirah, Cubical Work Station, Conference Table, Three Seater Sofa, Centers Table & File Cabinet)
62 28/07/2018 Canceled e-Tender invitation number - 15/ 2018-19
63 26/07/2018 Canceled e-Tender invitation number - 12/ 2018-19 (For the work of 19 Court Building (G+5) at kahalgao,.under Bhagalpur District.)
64 25/07/2018 Canceled e-Tender invitation number - 11/ 2018-19 (For the work of 15 Court Building (G+5) and 12 Unit PO Residence(G+3) , Paliganj.)
65 23/07/2018 Canceled e-Tender invitation number - 14/ 2018-19 (For the work of Restoration work on the second and third floor of Visheshwariya Bhavan under Transport Department , Patna.)
66 18/07/2018 Canceled e-Tender invitation number - 80/ 2017-18 (For the work of State Scheduled Tribe Residential High School 100 Beded, Banmakhi (Purnia)
67 17/07/2018 Canceled e-Tender invitation number - 07/ 2018-19 (For the additional work for court room,chamber,office mediation center and record room in combined court building (semi basement and G+7) at patna civil court distt.patna)
68 21/06/2018 Important Notice e-Expressions of interest Information Number-09/2018-19 P.R. Number-8886
69 17/04/2018 Expression Of Interest For Manpower Supply Services-E.O.I : 01/2018-19
70 27/03/2018 e-Tender Information Number-93/2017-18
71 21/03/2018 e-Expressions of interest Information Number-90/2017-18
72 20/03/2018 e-Tender Information Number-90/2017-18
73 20/03/2018 Tender Information Number-89/2017-18
74 20/03/2018 e-Re-Tender Information Number-88/2017-18
75 17/03/2018 e-Re-Tender Information Number-87/2017-18
76 17/03/2018 e-Re-Tender Information Number-86/2017-18
77 17/03/2018 e-Re-Tender Information Number-85/2017-18
78 08/03/2018 National Competitive Bidding through e-Tender Information Number-83/2017-18
79 07/02/2018 National Competitive Bidding through e-Tender Information Number-79/2017-18
80 05/02/2018 National Competitive Bidding through e-Tender Information Number-78/2017-18
81 03/02/2018 Balance work such as Park/Street light installation of submersable pump including boring etc at Chandra Shekhar Park,Kankarbagh,Patna.
82 18/01/2018 Supply,Installation,Testing & Commissing of Audio Conference System in Meeting Hall at BSBCCL(HQ) Building Patna.
83 01/12/2017 Request for proposal empaneled Consultants of Category-A for submission of Model design concept for construction/upgradation for residential school 720 capacity situated at 31 places in Bihar for Schedule Cast Student.
84 07/10/2017 Re-Quotation (52/17-18) for annual maintenance contract (AMC) for server,Desktops,Printers,UPS etc.
85 12/10/2017 Expression of Interest in a sealed cover for preparation of CRZ(Costal Regulation Zone)mapping,Environment management plan CRZ application & obtaining CRZ clearance through authorized vender for proposed Guru Govind Singh Bhawan,Kanganghat,Patna City,Patna.
86 21/09/2017 Expression of Interest-cum-Request For Proposal, Engagement of Agency For Master Planning,Designing,Preparation of DPR of Theme Park,Upgradation of Museum and its Infrastructure in Different Location In Bihar.
87 29/08/2017 Re- Expression of Interest for manpower Supply Services
88 09/08/2017 Rate Invitation for Estimates Notification Number-42/2017-18
89 08/08/2017 Short Term Quotation Notice for Financial Year 2015-16 Anual Report.
90 27/07/2017 Invitation for expression of interest-cum-request for proposal-Engagement of Agency For Master Planning,Designing,Construction,Exhibition,Content Devlopment,Preservation,Maintenance,Operation and Management of Proposed Kaimur Rock Painting Museum at Kaimur District,Bihar
91 21/07/2017 Tender Notice for Purchase of Network Storage System (NAS)
92 17/07/2017 Notice Inviting Tender for Purchase of Software
93 17/07/2017 Tender Notice for Purchase of Computer & Other Items
94 13/07/2017 Expression of Interest-cum-Request For Proposal, Engagement of Agency For Master Planning,Designing,Preparation of DPR of Theme Park,Upgradation of Museum and its Infrastructure in Different Location In Bihar.
95 10/07/2017 Quotation for annual maintenance contract (AMC) for server,Desktops,Printers,UPS etc.
96 22/05/2017 Short Term Tender Notice for Printing and Binding of Magzine"Sarjnaa".
97 17/05/2017 Expression of Interest For Selection Of CA Firm
98 06/05/2017 Expression of Interest For Operating Canteen
99 14/04/2017 Requirements and Site Plan of Mithila Lalit Sangrahlaya,Saurath ,madhubani.
100 10/04/2017 Request For Propoasl for construction of Mithila Lalit Sanghralaya,Saurath ,Madhubani
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