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Sl. Date Type Subject
1 17/10/2019 NIT-47/2019-20 NIT-47/2019-20 (Construction work of boundary wall, guard room, main gate at ESIC Hospital, Digha, Patna.)
2 15/10/2019 NIT-46/2019-20 NIT-46/2019-20 (Construction of 720 beded Rajkiy Ambedkar Balika high School building (with supply and Installation of Furniture) at Nawada and Sitamardhi Distt. AND Construction of 100 beded Minority Hostel at Madhubani & Muzaffarpur. )
3 15/10/2019 NIT-45/2019-20 NIT-45/2019-20 (Construction of Press Club building in Gaya including supply and installation of furniture.)
4 03/10/2019 NIT-44/2019-20 NIT-44/2019-20(Upgradation work of + 2 Government Sarvodaya High School, Lari, under the CSR program of Bihar State Road Development Corporation Limited. )
5 27/09/2019 RFP-43/2019-20 NIT-43/2019-20(Selection of Consultant for Preparation of DPR for Construction of Meen Bhawan at Patna. )
6 25/09/2019 NIT-42/2019-20 NIT-42/2019-20(Construction work of Boundary wal(Jain Mandir,Patnacity) and PCC Road (Remand Home,Chhapra) )
7 21/09/2019 NIT-41/2019-20 NIT-41/2019-20 ( Construction of 100 bedded minority hostel building at Kishanganj & Araria and Pre-Fab Godown 1000 mt & 500 mt at Purnia)
8 18/09/2019 NIT-40/2019-20 NIT-40/2019-20 (Renovation work of Control & Measurement Office,Patna,Bihar)
9 18/09/2019 NIT-39/2019-20 NIT-39/2019-20 (Construction of Office Building District Industry Center,Shekhpura and 200Beded Hostel at Katira(Bhojpur) )
10 18/09/2019 NIT-38/2019-20 NIT-38/2019-20(Construction work of Boundary wall,PCC Road and work of Video Projection System,Stage Lighting System and Sound Reinforcement System.)
11 17/09/2019 RFP-37/2019-20 RFP-37/2019-20(Selection of consultant for preparation to the DPR)
12 13/09/2019 RFP-36/2019-20 RFP-36/2019-20(Appointment of HR Agency for recruitment through online examination in BSBCCL.)
13 07/09/2019 NIT-35/2019-20 NIT-35/2019-20 (Construction of 720 Capacity Rajkiy ambedkar School at Gaya,Purnia & Madhepura Dist. with Supply and installation of furniture and 50 capacity hostel at Araria Dist.)
14 07/09/2019 NIT-34/2019-20 NIT-34/2019-20(Construction of health sub-station in Sitamarhi, Purnia, Siwan districts.)
15 04/09/2019 RFP-33/2019-20 RFP-33/2019-20(Selection of Consultant for Preparation of DPR for Archaeological site Chirand (Saran) Preservation and development of newly constructed buildings at the archaeological site and an archaeological site to display various stages of development of prehistoric culture.)
16 04/09/2019 NIT-32/2019-20 NIT-32/2019-20(Supply,Installation,Commissioning and Demonstration of Lab Equipments.)
17 30/08/2019 NIT-31/2019-20 NIT-31/2019-20( 720 bed boy’s hostel (Gaya) and 720 bed girl’s hostel in Jehanabad, Residual work of Multi Storied Building (Adalatganj, Patna), Auditorium cum Art Gallery ( Bhagalpur), construction of 50 bed remand home( Lakhisarai),sports building-cum-gymnasium (Katihar), construction of 100-bed hostel (t.p College, Madhepura), construction of the 200-bed hostel& furniture,installation and 05-year (Gopalganj) and renovation work in Haj Bhawan, Patna,)
18 28/08/2019 NIT-30/2019-20 NIT-30/2019-20((G + 3) Construction of multipurpose Waqf building in Muzaffarpur and East Champaran and construction of 100 bedded minority hostel in Muzaffarpur)
19 22/08/2019 Quotation 50 Mbps Internet Leased Line
20 13/08/2019 NIT-29/2019-20 NIT-29/2019-20 (Construction of sports building-cum-gymnasium (Jehanabad).)
21 07/08/2019 RFP-28/2019-20 RFP-28/2019-20 (Selection of Consultant for Preparation of DPR for THEME PARK, UPGRADATION OF MUSEUM AND ITS INFRASTRUCTURE IN DIFFERENT SEVEN (7) LOCATIONS IN BIHAR)
22 06/08/2019 Quotation Online Attendance System -Android Mobile App
23 29/07/2019 RFP-27/2019-20 RFP-27/2019-20 (Selection of Consultant for Preparation of DPR for Renowned Scholar Ayachi Mishra Dham and chaminiya Pond, Situated at Sarisav Pahi Gram, Block- Pundaul, District:- Madhubani , Bihar)
24 29/07/2019 RFP-26/2019-20 RFP-26/2019-20 (Selection of Consultant for Preparation of DPR for Proposed building of Bal Grih , Vidhwa(Widow) / Mahila (Female) Grih and Viddhasram (old age home)At Kumahrar , Patna)
25 29/07/2019 NIT-25/2019-20 NIT-25/2019-20 (Construction of (G+3)Multipurpose Waqf Building and multi-storied residential building under construction for the officers and employees of the court located in Adalatganj, Patna.and Construction work of 50 beded hostel (Darbhnaga.))
26 29/07/2019 NIT-24/2019-20 NIT-24/2019-20(Construction of Regional Station Building in Darbhanga for the establishment of Bihar Earthquake Remote Mechanism. Remnant work of Sastipur District Veterinary Hospital, Rosda.
27 26/07/2019 NIT-82/2018-19 NIT-82/2018-19(Construction work of an Executive Standards Laboratory (Betiya (P. Champaran), Sitamarhi, Siwan, Munger and Begusarai.)
28 25/07/2019 NIT-23/2019-20 NIT-23/2019-20 (Work related to the Video Projection System, Stage Lighting System & Sound Reinforcement System, in the premises of auditorium-cum-art gallery building Darbhanga and Munger Museum complex under the construction plan of state s headquarters district .)
29 25/07/2019 NIT-22/2019-20 NIT-22/2019-20 (Construction of 200-posted hostel in the premises of Ambedkar Kalyan Hostel, Katira, Bhojpur, Ara.)
30 24/07/2019 NIT-96/2018-19 NIT-96/2018-19 (Sports building-cum-gymnasium in Rohtas, Bhojpur, Munger, Lakhisarai, Jamui, Khagariya,Nawada, Muzaffarpur, Madhubani, Saharsa, Purnia and Katihar districts & 200 Bed Welfare Hostel in Buxar, Jehanabad and Gopalganj districts with supply & installation of furniture and maintenance 05 years& Gymnasium near the headquarters building of BSBCCL, Patna. And 12 unit PO houses (G+3) Kahalgaon &Paliganj. and 19 & 15 court buildings (G+ 5) in Kahalgaon &Paliganj.)
31 20/07/2019 QOT-116/2018-19 QOT-116/2018-19 (Electrification and PHE work for Construction of PHC to CHC(Nalanda,Buxar),50 Bedded Remand Home(Madhepura),Press Club(Nawada), 50 Bedded Hostel for Minority Welfare Dept.(Sitamarhi:-Pupri, Bajpatti & Parsauni),Central Standard Laboratory Building(Darbhanga,Muzaffarpur,Purnea)Conservation, beutification & campus development work (excluding conservation item) of archaeological sites / monumennts of chirand at chapra. )
32 19/07/2019 NIT-21/2019-20 NIT-21/2019-20 (Construction of 720 sitting Rajkiy Ambedkar School (Purnia & madhepura) & Construction work of 50 bedroom hostel building in Joaquhat, Araria.)
33 18/07/2019 NIT-20/2019-20 NIT-20/2019-20 (Interior Work including PMC Services for C-DAC Centre Patna at 14th Floor of Biscomaun Tower, Patna)
34 10/07/2019 NIT-19/2019-20 NIT-19/2019-20 (Construction of Lakhisarai Museum building)
35 05/07/2019 NIT-18/2019-20 NIT-18/2019-20 (Construction of hostel in TP College, Madhepura campus and Construction of Pre-Feb Godown at Purnea, Viasi and Araria Dist. )
36 21/06/2019 NIT-134/2018-19 NIT-134/2018-19 (Work of development of the campus of Jagjivan Ram hostel with 100 beds under construction in T.N. B. College, Bhagalpur.)
37 21/06/2019 NIT-17/2019-20 NIT-17/2019-20 (Construction of 152-bedded hostel building in the premises of Ramlakhan Singh Yadav College, Betiya.)
38 21/06/2019 NIT-16/2019-20 NIT-16/2019-20 (Renovation, beautification and modernisation work of Regulatory, measurement and weighing, office / affiliate office and premises of Bihar, Patna.)
39 19/06/2019 EOI EOI-For Selection of CA Firm.
40 13/06/2019 Quotation-15/2019-20 E-Quotation Invitation Notification No.-15/2019-20 (Providing housekeeping services with modern equipment and best quality manpower .)
42 13/06/2019 NIT-13/2019-20 NIT-13/2019-20 (Construction of Boundary wall of 200 bedded Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Chhatrabas, Mahendru, Patna)
43 13/06/2019 NIT-12/2019-20 NIT-12/2019-20 (Construction of Regional Station Building in Darbhanga for the establishment of Bihar earthquake remote system.)
44 13/06/2019 Quotation-11/2019-20 E-Quotation Invitation Notification No.-11/2019-20 (SITC of passenger car type evlevator (lifts) work in BSBCCL with operation & maintenance for five years)
45 13/06/2019 NIT-10/2019-20 NIT-10/2019-20 (Construction work of 100-beded Scheduled Tribes hostel in Katorea Adarsh Mahant Vidyalaya. )
46 13/06/2019 NIT-09/2019-20 NIT-09/2019-20 (Construction work of commercial building in Nawaw Bahadur Road, Patna City, under the Bihar State Shia Bakf Board, Madarsa Suleimania Bacf State No. 6-6 under Patna and Additional work (Phase-II) for court room, chamber, office, mediation centre and record room in newly constructed (B+G+7) Court building at Civil Court, Patna)
47 08/06/2019 NIT-08/2019-20 NIT-08/2019-20 (Interior Work including PMC Services for C-DAC Centre Patna at 14th Floor of Biscomaun Tower, Patna.)
48 04/06/2019 NIT-07/2019-20 NIT-07/2019-20 (Construction of multi-storied building,(G + 3) Multipurpose Waqf Building in Patna, 200 beded Ambedkar Kalyan hostels(supply of furniture and installation) (Gopalganj),Sports Building-cum-gymnasium (Purnia), Auditorium cum-Art gallery (Bhagalpur), renovation work in Haj Bhawan, (Patna).
49 04/06/2019 NIT-06/2019-20 NIT-06/2019-20(Construction work of Buniyad center in Begusarai, Gaya, Darbhanga, Mudhbani, Siwan..)
50 03/06/2019 NIT-05/2019-20 NIT-05/2019-20 (Construction work of 600-capacity auditorium-cum-art gallery in State s headquarters district in purnea regional district headquarter..)
51 03/06/2019 NIT-04/2019-20 NIT-04/2019-20 (Work related to the Video Projection System, Stage Lighting System & Sound Reinforcement System, in the auditorium-cum-art gallery building under construction in the district headquarters, Munger, Saharsa and Darbhanga in the state..)
52 03/06/2019 NIT-03/2019-20 NIT-03/2019-20 (Work of installation and installation of furniture and other items in the newly constructed Buniyad center buildings in various blocks of different districts under Darbhanga, Saharsa, Purnia, Munger, Bhagalpur, Gaya and Patna PIU.)
53 03/06/2019 NIT-02/2019-20 NIT-02/2019-20(Supply and installation of furniture and maintenance with 05 years,720 Beded ST Residential School at,Jamui,Gaya,Kaimur,Nalanda,Jahanabad,Nawada & Rohtash Dist.)
54 30/05/2019 NIT-01/2019-20 NIT-01/2019-20 (Construction work of 50-bedroom hostel in Darbhanga and West Champaran.)
55 17/05/2019 NIT-133 NIT-133(Construction of gymnasium near Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Ltd., Patna headquarters building and Sports Building-cum-gymnasium in Purnia and Katihar district.)
56 15/05/2019 NIT NIT-153/2018-19 (Maintenance and installation of furniture work in Residential High School (Co-ed), Deori, Kaimur)
57 15/05/2019 NIT-146 NIT-146/2018-19 (Renovation work of Sudhanshu Theater of Purnia )
58 30/04/2019 NIT NIT-127/2018-19 (SITC of passenger Car Type Elevator (Lifts) )
59 29/04/2019 NIT NIT-157/2018-19 (Electrical Work:-installation of Electrical Panel, Internal Wiring and Power Cabling Work at Beltron Building, Patna)
60 16/04/2019 NIT-108 NIT-108/2018-19( Construction work of the Executive Standards Laboratory In Munger and Begusarai.)
61 11/04/2019 NIT NIT-125/2018-19( Work of Furniture Supply, TV and Inverter Installation in Press Club Building..)
62 11/04/2019 Quotation E-Quotation Invitation Notification No.-117/18-19 (construction work of Scheduled Caste Residential High School at East Champaran & civil and electrical works)
63 11/04/2019 Quotation E-Quotation Invitation Notification No.-63/18-19 (Manpower Supply Services)
64 10/04/2019 NIT-136 NIT-136/2018-19(Construction of 15 Court Buildings (G + 5) ,12 units of P.O.Housing (G + 3) in Paliganj, building cum gym at Lakhisarai,200 beded of hostels & supply and installation of furniture at Patna Civil Court.)
65 02/04/2019 NIT-169 NIT-169/2018-19( Construction of Multipurpose Waqf Building at Patna and Pre Fab Godown at Purnia.)
66 02/04/2019 NIT-167 NIT-167/2018-19(Construction work of Boundary wall ,Bihata Airport.)
68 02/04/2019 NIT-165 NIT-165/2018-19( Repairing work of BSBCCL Headquarter Building including provision of Gym equipment and Signage work for 2018-19.)
69 02/04/2019 NIT NIT-164/2018-19(Provision of Lift, Meeting Hall, Bajukhana, Canteen, Vistior Area and Renovation work of Library etc. in Haj Bhawan, Patna, Bihar.)
70 02/04/2019 NIT-163 NIT-163/2018-19( Construction work of Regional Office Building of Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Limited under PIU, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Saharsa..)
71 02/04/2019 NIT NIT-168/2018-19(Additional work in Construction of Court Room, Chamber, Office, Mediation Centre and Record room in Combined Court Building (Semi Basement and G+7) at Civil Court, Patna )
72 02/04/2019 NIT-162/2018-19 NIT-162/2018-19(1.Construction of Kanganghatan Building at Patna,auditorium-cum-art gallery at Bhagalpur & Buniyad center in Jehanabad Sadar.)
73 02/04/2019 NIT NIT-161/2018-19( Construction work of commercial building in Kamrun Nisha Begum Waqf Estate 12 at Patna )
74 02/04/2019 NIT NIT-160/2018-19 (Establishment of Bihar earthquake remote system at Darbhanga.)
75 02/04/2019 NIT-159/2018-19 NIT-159/2018-19(construction work of Residential Multi-storey Building (G + 7) - 02 Block in Chhajjubag, Patna)
76 02/04/2019 NIT-158 NIT-158/2018-19(50 Beded Remand Home ,Lakhisarai & Central Storage Station building to be set up at Patna )
77 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-156/2018-19 (Work of Video Projection, Stage Lighting & Sound Reinforcement System, in the premises-cum-art gallery building in the Munger,Saharsa, Darbhanga Museum complex)
78 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-154/2018-19( Supply and installation of furniture in Buniyad Center in various blocks of districts under Patna, Muzaffarpur, Saran, Darbhanga, Saharsa, Purnia, Munger, Bhagalpur and Gaya PIU.)
79 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-147/2018-19(work of multi-storied residential building of the court located in Adalatganj, Patna.)
80 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-122/2018-19(Construction of residential multi-storey building (G+7) - 02 Block)
81 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-113/2018-19(Construction work of foundation center (Gaya, Begusarai, Siwan, Darbhanga, Madhubani).
82 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-119/2018-19(Modular Work Station.)
83 01/04/2019 NIT-96/2018-19 NIT-96/2018-19 (In the district Jehanabad,construction work of 200 Beded state Ambedkar Kalyan hostel.)
84 01/04/2019 NIT-118 NIT-118/2018-19(Construction work of 50 Shayyanya Supervision House, Lakhisarai and Kishanganj.)
85 01/04/2019 NIT-124/2018-19 NIT-124/2018-19 (The work of upgradation of Employees State Insurance Dispensary Banjari (Rohtas) under E.S.I.C. Plan 2.0.)
86 01/04/2019 NIT-114/2018-19 NIT-114/2018-19 (Construction of 100-beded hostel under Scheduled Tribes Residential High School in Bamdah (Jamui).)
87 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-105/2018-19 (Construction work of 100-beded hostel in Rajkiy Ambedkar Kalyan hostel,Sheikhpura)
88 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-99/2018-19 (Construction of various district health centres.)
89 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-96/2018-19 (In the district Buxar,construction work of 200 Beded state Ambedkar Kalyan hostel.)
90 01/04/2019 NIT NIT-96/2018-19 (Construction of Sports Building-cum-gymnasium in Jamui District.)
91 28/03/2019 NIT-155/2018-19 NIT-155/2018-19( Construction work of 600-capacity auditorium-cum-art gallery in Purnia Regional District Headquarter, and 50 Beded Remand Home, in Kishanganj Dist..)
92 28/03/2019 NIT-152/2018-19 NIT-152/2018-19( Construction work of the 520 Beded buildings of other backward classes, girls, residential,+ 2 Uchya Vidyalaya in Samastipur,Purnia ,Rohatas Dist.)
93 28/03/2019 NIT-150 NIT-150/2018-19(Construction of first-class veterinary hospital in Alampur)
94 28/03/2019 NIT-148 NIT-148/2018-19(Renovation ,supply and installation of furniture in Executive Standards Laboratory, Darbhanga District.)
95 28/03/2019 Request For Proposal (RFP-151/2018-2019) RFP-151/2018-2019-Appointment a HR Agency for Recruitment of Various Post Through Online Examination.
96 06/03/2019 NIT NIT-144/2018-19 (SITC of passenger Car Type Elevator(lifts),BSBCCL,Patna )
97 06/03/2019 NIT NIT-143/2018-19(Supply,Installation,Testing & Commissioning of Audio Conferencing system )
98 05/03/2019 Expression of interest (EOI) Expression of interest(For the construction of the proposed museum in Telhara (Nalanda))
99 05/03/2019 Expression of interest (EOI) EOI -02/2018-19 (For the purpose of construction, renovation and beautification of the agricultural production market committee (disintegrated) campus, Musallahpur (Patna) )
100 01/03/2019 Expression of interest (EOI) EOI-01/2018-19(For the construction / reconstruction / renovation of Gulabbaag Mandi under Bihar Kosi Basin Development Project (BKBDP)at Purnia District (Bihar).)
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