• Build green, Live green     • Eco friendly building-one with nature as green as Mother Nature.     • Eco friendly construction of the buildings.

I am delighted to know the activities and development of Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Ltd.,patna. Achieving the construction of superior structures in lelatively less time using the lates technology in really prestigious for Nigam.As we all know that we cn fulfill todays demandonly by using superior mechanical equipments,ddexterous employees and by following timelines.By using top level research,quality work,capable employees and deft workers Nigam should take it as a challenges to construct cheaper,environment friendly and durable structures complete it successfully.We should also work on the project for making available the accomodation facilities to poor people at lowest rates as per the target of a welfare state. I expect that Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Ltd. would use its entire capacity in the new discoveries for building construction and would definitely play the lead role in the Structural development of Bihar. I pray for the BSBCCLS Success.

Building Construction Department,Bihar