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SL Date Subject
107/10/2020National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme(NAPS) Interview scheduled on 25/07/2020 at 11:00 AM.  
202/01/2020National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) Interview has been organized in the first floor meeting hall of the Corporation Headquarters on 15.02.2020 at 11:00 AM for the selection of NAPS Registered trainees for one year training.  
306/11/2018In relation to the cancellation of the agrrement number -06AH dated-20-04-2015 regarding the operation of the canteen located in the adhivesan bhavan.  
401/11/2018PIU Inspection of Construction of District Level Joint Agricultural Building, Muzaffarpur  
501/11/2018P.I.U Inspection of Construction of District Level Joint Agricultural Building, Darbhanga  
601/11/2018PIU Inspection of 600-capacity Exhibition-cum-Art-gallery construction work at Darbhanga district headquarters  
701/11/2018PIU Inspection of onstruction of 200-easter hostel building in Mogalpura, Darbhanga under Dr. Ambedkar Welfare Dormitory Scheme  
901/08/2018Regarding the use of 100% fly ash in the schemes being implemented in the state.  
1018/05/2018Regarding Pre-Fab Godown (Kaimur Dist.) - Era Infra Engineering Limited,Noida  
1117/03/2018Remittance of nominated officials for the online monitoring system for the construction plans of the planned court and residential buildings for the development of judicial infrastructures under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme.  
1327/11/2017Regarding selected plot for the office building of District Industry Center, Sheikhpura  
1415/11/2017Regarding Seigniorage Fee  
1518/10/2017Duration extension notice for Expression of Interest-50/2017-18  
1616/10/2017Review Meeting Proceeding in presence of CM Bihar with BCD Ongoing Project held on 10.08.2017  
1722/06/2017Regarding the complete ban on the payment of the work without validation, no-objection certificate, and verification  
1816/06/2017Regarding Administrative Approval(SC/ST Welfare Department)  
1913/06/2017Regarding Interior designing of Comercial Tax Department Office Building  
2029/05/2017Regarding Bihar Vikash Mission office (7th floor Niyojan Bhavan)  
2126/05/2017Regarding the Carriage of the building materials  
2225/05/2017Regarding Buniyad kendra Construction,Nalanda Dist.  
2325/05/2017Regarding Construction of Boys Hostel under MSDP,Bhagalpur  
2425/05/2017Rearding Construction of Girls Hostel under MSDP,Bhagalpur  
2501/10/2016Corrigendum Information Number -2523,01/10/2016.  
2631/08/2016Corrigendum Information Number--2115,31/08/2016  
2713/08/2016Proceeding of Financial Bid for Empanelment of Consultants.  
2801/08/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Patna) held on 1-8-2016  
2901/08/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Sitamardhi) held on 1-8-2016  
3026/07/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1792,26/07/2016  
3126/07/2016Opening of Financial Bid for Empanelment of Consultants.  
3216/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Sitamardhi) held on 16-7-2016  
3316/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Patna) held on 16-7-2016  
3416/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP 50(Belsand) held on 16-7-2016  
3516/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP 100(Sitamardhi) held on 16-7-2016  
3609/07/2016Nalanda(BiharSharif) Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
3709/07/2016Ara Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
3805/07/2016Site requirements with site details of PO Quarters at Chajju Bagh Patna.  
3901/07/2016Kathihar Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
4001/07/2016Betiya Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
4130/06/2016Buxer Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
4223/06/2016Office Order No.:41/2016(Deebar free M/S Arch-En-Design,New Delhi)  
4318/06/2016Regarding Passenger Car type Elevator(Lifts)10/680 Kg-1.5 MPS  
4416/06/2016Office Order Number :38/2016  
4513/06/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1411,11/06/2016  
4618/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--03/2016-17,17/05/2016  
4714/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP(Parsoni) held on 30-4-2016.  
4814/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP(Baajpatti) held on 30-4-2016.  
4914/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP(Pupari) held on 30-4-2016.  
5014/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP (Morsand) held on 30-4-2016.  
5109/05/2016Instruction Regarding Review Meeting on 14-05-2016 at 10.00 AM  
5209/05/2016Instruction Regarding Using Fly Ash Bricks  
5307/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1035,06/05/2016  
5406/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1019,06/05/2016  
5504/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--998,03/05/2016  
5630/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--969,30/04/2016  
5718/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--867,18/04/2016  
5807/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--793,06/04/2016  
5905/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--773,05/04/2016  
6022/02/2016Corrigendum Information Number--364 ,22/02/2016  
6110/02/2016Office Order Number:07/2016  
6223/12/2015Corrigendum Information Number--3870 ,23/12/2015  
6306/12/2015Corrigendum Information Number--3701 ,05/12/2015  
6401/12/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3634 01/12/15  
6528/11/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3583 27/11/15  
6628/11/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3584 27/11/15  
6720/11/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3482 20/11/15  
6826/09/2015Office Order Number:73/2015  
6925/09/2015Office Order Number:72/2015  
7012/09/2015Corrigendum Information Number--070/2014,2697 04/09/15  
7102/09/2015Corrigendum Information Number--812/2015 (2548)12/08/2015  
7201/09/2015Office Order Number:68/2015  
7320/08/2015Corrigendum Information Number--2637 ,20/08/15  
7414/08/2015Office Order Number:60/2015  
7511/08/2015Computer training Programme for economically backward women  
7607/08/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2435,07/08/2015  
7704/08/2015Office Order Number:58/2015  
7801/08/2015Office Order Number : 57/2015 (Transfer and Posting)  
7929/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2299 29/07/15  
8029/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2298 29/07/15  
8129/07/2015Important Notice ( EOI )  
8227/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2288 27/07/15  
8315/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2166 15/07/15  
8404/07/2015Office Order Number:49/2015 (Regarding Debar free Contractor)  
8527/06/2015The querry raised for the above work is complied as under  
8627/06/2015CORRIGENDUM NIT-18/2015-16  
8724/06/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14-1953  
8819/06/2015Office Order Number:46/2015 (Regarding Debar free Contractor)  
8916/06/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,1840 16/06/15  
9013/06/2015Office Order Number:46/2015  
9125/05/2015Pre bid meeting reply held on 23/05/2015  
9225/05/2015Pre bid meeting reply held on 23/05/2015 e-quotation inviting notice No:11/15-16  
9311/05/2015Corrigendum Information Number-09/2015-16  
9404/05/2015Office Order Number :35/2015  
9514/04/2015Corrigendum Information Number--04/2014-15/1193  
9601/04/2015Corrigendum Information Number--80/2014-15 & 81/2014-15  
9701/04/2015Corrigendum Information Number--82/2014-15  
9826/03/2015Corrigendum Information Number--77/2014-15  
9916/03/2015E-Tender Time Extension Information  
10009/02/2015List of contractor release from debar.  
10106/02/2015Corrigendum Information Number--64/2014-15  
10230/01/2015Corrigendum Information Number--64/2014-15  
10327/01/2015Corrigendum Information Number--64/2014-15  
10426/12/2014Training Program on Online Payment System .  
10619/12/2014Proposed Site For Dashrath Manjhi Institute Of Labour & Employment Studies,NearJ.P.N.Airport,Patna  
10719/12/2014Proposed Site For Dashrath Manjhi Institute Of Labour & Employment Studies,NearJ.P.N.Airport,Patna  
10818/12/2014Corrigendum Information Number--56/2014-15  
10916/12/2014Corrigendum Information Number--60/2014-15  
11011/12/2014Information about cancellation of appointment.  
11101/12/2014Information about cancellation of appointments.  
11221/11/2014Free Computer Training Program  
11318/11/2014Regarding Termination.  
11411/11/2014Corrigendum Information Number--54/2014-15  
11505/11/2014Corrigendum Information Number--54/2014-15  
11631/10/2014Corrigendum Information Number--48/2014-15  
11720/10/2014Corrigendum Information  
11818/10/2014Pre bid reply for empanelment third party quality assurance work  
11915/10/2014Office Order Number :41/2014  
12007/10/2014Corrigendum Information Number--48/2014-15  
12104/10/2014Corrigendum Information Number--50/2014-15  
12229/09/2014Cancellation of quotations short notice (20-09-2014).  
12313/09/2014Answer of Queries raised in Pre-bid meeting ,Dated 10-09-2014  
12410/09/2014Corrigendum Information for Third Party Quality Assurance.  
12506/09/2014Corrigendum Information for Expresion Of Interest(EOI)For Operating Canteen In Adhivesan Bhavan,Patna  
12605/09/2014Corrigendum Information  
12702/09/2014Corrigendum Information  
12829/08/2014Corrigendum Information  
12919/08/2014Corrigendum Information  
13011/08/2014Corrigendum Information  
13109/08/2014 Notice related to debar from participatation in the next tender for contractors.  
13217/07/2014Corrigendum Information  
13308/07/2014BSBCCL Corporate Social Responsibility Policy,2014 .  
13425/06/2014Notice:NIT 13/14-15 and NIT 14/14-15, Specification for PEB Structure.  
13525/06/2014Office Order Number :23/2014  
13625/06/2014Office Order Number :20/2014  
13725/06/2014Office Order Number :20/2014  
13823/06/2014Unavoidable reason, invited e - tender notice number -12/2014-15 all other conditions remain unchanged and the following are the modifications.  
13921/03/2014Quotations Invitation Information  
14011/02/2014Unavoidable reason, invited e - tender notice number -60/2013-14 all other conditions remain unchanged and the following are the modifications.  
14111/02/2014Unavoidable reason, invited e - tender notice number -61/2013-14 all other conditions remain unchanged and the following are the modifications.  
14230/08/2013Clarification of the different queries in pre-bid meeting AGAINST tender for housekeeping services on 26.08.2013 at 4PM.  
14302/08/2013Kalpvriksha a exhibition of Photography and Painting from 03 August 2013 to 10 August 2013.  
14409/05/2013Cancellation of advertisement for Human Resource Agency.  
14506/05/2013Adding a new architects for presentation of concept plan of purposed Agricultural College Kishanganj, Bihar.  
14604/05/2013Important notice for presentation of concept plan of purposed Agricultural College Kishanganj, Bihar.  
14703/05/2013Work allocation amongst the officer and staff of B.S.B.C.C.L, Patna.  
14830/04/2013Clarification of the different queries made by different Agencies in pre-proposal meeting held on 29-04-2013 for construction of Agriculture College at Kishanganj.  
14911/04/2013Important Notice for All Examinee (For Written and Interview Test).  
15011/04/2013Site Plan for purposed Agricultural College Kishanganj, Bihar  
15208/04/2013Notice to all newly joined Junior Engineer and Assistant General Manager for acceptance of canonical form.  
15308/04/2013Regarding to cancel the selection.  
15503/03/2013Important Notice for selected candidate for documents verification and other formalities from 10-03-2013 to 20-03-2013.  
15603/03/2013Under R.T.I. Act list of Lok Suchana Padadihkari (Public information officer of BSBCCL Patna)  
15702/02/2013Upload on the website of declaration of assets and liabilities for departmental gazetted and Non-gazetted Employees  
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