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SL Date Subject
118/10/2017Duration extension notice for Expression of Interest-50/2017-18  
216/10/2017Review Meeting Proceeding in presence of CM Bihar with BCD Ongoing Project held on 10.08.2017  
322/06/2017Regarding the complete ban on the payment of the work without validation, no-objection certificate, and verification  
416/06/2017Regarding Administrative Approval(SC/ST Welfare Department)  
513/06/2017Regarding Interior designing of Comercial Tax Department Office Building  
629/05/2017Regarding Bihar Vikash Mission office (7th floor Niyojan Bhavan)  
726/05/2017Regarding the Carriage of the building materials  
825/05/2017Regarding Buniyad kendra Construction,Nalanda Dist.  
925/05/2017Regarding Construction of Boys Hostel under MSDP,Bhagalpur  
1025/05/2017Rearding Construction of Girls Hostel under MSDP,Bhagalpur  
1101/10/2016Corrigendum Information Number -2523,01/10/2016.  
1231/08/2016Corrigendum Information Number--2115,31/08/2016  
1313/08/2016Proceeding of Financial Bid for Empanelment of Consultants.  
1401/08/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Patna) held on 1-8-2016  
1501/08/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Sitamardhi) held on 1-8-2016  
1626/07/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1792,26/07/2016  
1726/07/2016Opening of Financial Bid for Empanelment of Consultants.  
1816/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Sitamardhi) held on 16-7-2016  
1916/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of Rajkiya Ambedkar Kalyan Balak Hostel(Patna) held on 16-7-2016  
2016/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP 50(Belsand) held on 16-7-2016  
2116/07/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP 100(Sitamardhi) held on 16-7-2016  
2209/07/2016Nalanda(BiharSharif) Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
2309/07/2016Ara Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
2405/07/2016Site requirements with site details of PO Quarters at Chajju Bagh Patna.  
2501/07/2016Kathihar Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
2601/07/2016Betiya Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
2730/06/2016Buxer Airport Boundarywall construction Proceeding  
2823/06/2016Office Order No.:41/2016(Deebar free M/S Arch-En-Design,New Delhi)  
2918/06/2016Regarding Passenger Car type Elevator(Lifts)10/680 Kg-1.5 MPS  
3016/06/2016Office Order Number :38/2016  
3113/06/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1411,11/06/2016  
3218/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--03/2016-17,17/05/2016  
3314/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP(Parsoni) held on 30-4-2016.  
3414/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP(Baajpatti) held on 30-4-2016.  
3514/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP(Pupari) held on 30-4-2016.  
3614/05/2016Regarding Technical Bid Proceeding of MSDP (Morsand) held on 30-4-2016.  
3709/05/2016Instruction Regarding Review Meeting on 14-05-2016 at 10.00 AM  
3809/05/2016Instruction Regarding Using Fly Ash Bricks  
3907/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1035,06/05/2016  
4006/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--1019,06/05/2016  
4104/05/2016Corrigendum Information Number--998,03/05/2016  
4230/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--969,30/04/2016  
4318/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--867,18/04/2016  
4407/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--793,06/04/2016  
4505/04/2016Corrigendum Information Number--773,05/04/2016  
4622/02/2016Corrigendum Information Number--364 ,22/02/2016  
4710/02/2016Office Order Number:07/2016  
4823/12/2015Corrigendum Information Number--3870 ,23/12/2015  
4906/12/2015Corrigendum Information Number--3701 ,05/12/2015  
5001/12/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3634 01/12/15  
5128/11/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3583 27/11/15  
5228/11/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3584 27/11/15  
5320/11/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,3482 20/11/15  
5426/09/2015Office Order Number:73/2015  
5525/09/2015Office Order Number:72/2015  
5612/09/2015Corrigendum Information Number--070/2014,2697 04/09/15  
5702/09/2015Corrigendum Information Number--812/2015 (2548)12/08/2015  
5801/09/2015Office Order Number:68/2015  
5920/08/2015Corrigendum Information Number--2637 ,20/08/15  
6014/08/2015Office Order Number:60/2015  
6111/08/2015Computer training Programme for economically backward women  
6207/08/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2435,07/08/2015  
6304/08/2015Office Order Number:58/2015  
6401/08/2015Office Order Number : 57/2015 (Transfer and Posting)  
6529/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2299 29/07/15  
6629/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2298 29/07/15  
6729/07/2015Important Notice ( EOI )  
6827/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2288 27/07/15  
6915/07/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,2166 15/07/15  
7004/07/2015Office Order Number:49/2015 (Regarding Debar free Contractor)  
7127/06/2015The querry raised for the above work is complied as under  
7227/06/2015CORRIGENDUM NIT-18/2015-16  
7324/06/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14-1953  
7419/06/2015Office Order Number:46/2015 (Regarding Debar free Contractor)  
7516/06/2015Corrigendum Information Number--306/14,1840 16/06/15  
7613/06/2015Office Order Number:46/2015  
7725/05/2015Pre bid meeting reply held on 23/05/2015  
7825/05/2015Pre bid meeting reply held on 23/05/2015 e-quotation inviting notice No:11/15-16  
7911/05/2015Corrigendum Information Number-09/2015-16  
8004/05/2015Office Order Number :35/2015  
8114/04/2015Corrigendum Information Number--04/2014-15/1193  
8201/04/2015Corrigendum Information Number--80/2014-15 & 81/2014-15  
8301/04/2015Corrigendum Information Number--82/2014-15  
8426/03/2015Corrigendum Information Number--77/2014-15  
8516/03/2015E-Tender Time Extension Information  
8609/02/2015List of contractor release from debar.  
8706/02/2015Corrigendum Information Number--64/2014-15  
8830/01/2015Corrigendum Information Number--64/2014-15  
8927/01/2015Corrigendum Information Number--64/2014-15  
9026/12/2014Training Program on Online Payment System .  
9219/12/2014Proposed Site For Dashrath Manjhi Institute Of Labour & Employment Studies,NearJ.P.N.Airport,Patna  
9319/12/2014Proposed Site For Dashrath Manjhi Institute Of Labour & Employment Studies,NearJ.P.N.Airport,Patna  
9418/12/2014Corrigendum Information Number--56/2014-15  
9516/12/2014Corrigendum Information Number--60/2014-15  
9611/12/2014Information about cancellation of appointment.  
9701/12/2014Information about cancellation of appointments.  
9821/11/2014Free Computer Training Program  
9918/11/2014Regarding Termination.  
10011/11/2014Corrigendum Information Number--54/2014-15  
10105/11/2014Corrigendum Information Number--54/2014-15  
10231/10/2014Corrigendum Information Number--48/2014-15  
10320/10/2014Corrigendum Information  
10418/10/2014Pre bid reply for empanelment third party quality assurance work  
10515/10/2014Office Order Number :41/2014  
10607/10/2014Corrigendum Information Number--48/2014-15  
10704/10/2014Corrigendum Information Number--50/2014-15  
10829/09/2014Cancellation of quotations short notice (20-09-2014).  
10913/09/2014Answer of Queries raised in Pre-bid meeting ,Dated 10-09-2014  
11010/09/2014Corrigendum Information for Third Party Quality Assurance.  
11106/09/2014Corrigendum Information for Expresion Of Interest(EOI)For Operating Canteen In Adhivesan Bhavan,Patna  
11205/09/2014Corrigendum Information  
11302/09/2014Corrigendum Information  
11429/08/2014Corrigendum Information  
11519/08/2014Corrigendum Information  
11611/08/2014Corrigendum Information  
11709/08/2014 Notice related to debar from participatation in the next tender for contractors.  
11817/07/2014Corrigendum Information  
11908/07/2014BSBCCL Corporate Social Responsibility Policy,2014 .  
12025/06/2014Notice:NIT 13/14-15 and NIT 14/14-15, Specification for PEB Structure.  
12125/06/2014Office Order Number :23/2014  
12225/06/2014Office Order Number :20/2014  
12325/06/2014Office Order Number :20/2014  
12423/06/2014Unavoidable reason, invited e - tender notice number -12/2014-15 all other conditions remain unchanged and the following are the modifications.  
12521/03/2014Quotations Invitation Information  
12611/02/2014Unavoidable reason, invited e - tender notice number -60/2013-14 all other conditions remain unchanged and the following are the modifications.  
12711/02/2014Unavoidable reason, invited e - tender notice number -61/2013-14 all other conditions remain unchanged and the following are the modifications.  
12830/08/2013Clarification of the different queries in pre-bid meeting AGAINST tender for housekeeping services on 26.08.2013 at 4PM.  
12902/08/2013Kalpvriksha a exhibition of Photography and Painting from 03 August 2013 to 10 August 2013.  
13009/05/2013Cancellation of advertisement for Human Resource Agency.  
13106/05/2013Adding a new architects for presentation of concept plan of purposed Agricultural College Kishanganj, Bihar.  
13204/05/2013Important notice for presentation of concept plan of purposed Agricultural College Kishanganj, Bihar.  
13303/05/2013Work allocation amongst the officer and staff of B.S.B.C.C.L, Patna.  
13430/04/2013Clarification of the different queries made by different Agencies in pre-proposal meeting held on 29-04-2013 for construction of Agriculture College at Kishanganj.  
13511/04/2013Important Notice for All Examinee (For Written and Interview Test).  
13611/04/2013Site Plan for purposed Agricultural College Kishanganj, Bihar  
13808/04/2013Notice to all newly joined Junior Engineer and Assistant General Manager for acceptance of canonical form.  
13908/04/2013Regarding to cancel the selection.  
14103/03/2013Important Notice for selected candidate for documents verification and other formalities from 10-03-2013 to 20-03-2013.  
14203/03/2013Under R.T.I. Act list of Lok Suchana Padadihkari (Public information officer of BSBCCL Patna)  
14302/02/2013Upload on the website of declaration of assets and liabilities for departmental gazetted and Non-gazetted Employees  
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